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Katılım 13 ağustos 2015
My First

Just so you know, you can see who rated your blingees on here. I went and rated that person's blingee 3 stars and left a message stating I did it :D. Then told them to have a wonderful day!

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My First

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From Our Home To Yours
· 4 aralık 2021
Miss you, my friend. I've been thinking of you a lot lately. Really hope you are well.
· 11 nisan 2021
..,-***-,✿ Hello dear friend
..("( °_° )
✿.(")..(").✿Have a nice weekend
Beautiful creation!!
· 1 mart 2021
Frühling printemps spring
· 29 kasım 2015
Für meine Freunde-for my friends-pour mes amis
· 20 ağustos 2015
Blingee remain forever now, come home Kelly!
· 19 ağustos 2015
gute Nacht schlaf gut
Boudda om mani padme hum
· 17 ağustos 2015
Hello Kelly
Bonne joirnée
My new Avatar
· 17 ağustos 2015
Hi my angel, I'm Dani, papuzzetto on Blingee. please add me:)
I'M HERE 8/15/2015
· 16 ağustos 2015
Bonjour. Juste brossage sur mon Français. Maintenant c'est à vous de traduire cela. LOL
I'M HERE 8/15/2015
· 15 ağustos 2015
Well I made my first blingee uh I mean picmix today. I see you still call them blingees also. LOL

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