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Som Tame This Animal I've Become

I am a She, and speak English only. Previous stamp experience from Blingee for 9 years before coming here. Also use LunaPix and some Adobe, but limited.

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Manga gone Country
Lucky Girl
Roses My Love
Chorus of my day
English is Fun
Goodbye Blingee
T'Grams 01
Som Tame This Animal I've Become
gothic woman

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Beautiful Day-Cat in carnation field gif
· 27 ocak 2021
Hi, I'm BBB338 from Blingee--which is closing down! Checking around for my Blingeeland friends! :)
Frühling printemps spring
· 29 kasım 2015
Für meine Freunde-for my friends-pour mes amis
· 14 ekim 2015
I have not forgotten you ... and wish you a harmonious Wednesday
Kiss Kiss your Charu
· 18 eylül 2015
good morning sweetie...i hope you have a good day.
I have to go to the doctor and I could not sleep because of trigeminal neuralgia. I embrace you until later your charu
ME !!!!!!
· 19 ağustos 2015
good news blingee remains open ;-)
My new Avatar
· 17 ağustos 2015
Hi my angel, I'm Dani, papuzzetto on Blingee. Please, add me:)
· 17 ağustos 2015
good night sweetie...i`m happy we found each other
Kiss Kiss your charu
Som Tame This Animal I've Become
· 17 ağustos 2015
thanks Bylar! kiss kiss :*
· 16 ağustos 2015
Hello are debby80, I am happy to find you here.
· 16 ağustos 2015
Hey sweetie , I'm here :) This is Autumn/Sunmoonstars
WolfGirl fits me better, lol...
Love you!!!

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