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Katılım 22 ocak 2017
PP -☘☘☘☘☘ PP

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Woman and sun .
Marilyn Monroe ....
Pastel, visage & papillon
At beauty of parrots
The blessing of the angel
War in the Wild West .....
Imagination ...
Loneliness an old man .
A walk in Paris ❤
Egypt ../ Contest
When tear gets a star.
Woman with color  violet..
woman in orange shades
The woman and wolves.
Wedding.  💋 / Contest
Japanese Gardens.
Mourning for my grandfather
Woman in a floral mask
Lady in blue💎Contest
dreams ❤ Contest
sailing vessel  / Contest...                    Contest
Betty Boop....Contest  ♥
Enjoyment in the yard...
excessive lady./Contest...
The shepherd.
good night.🌠
The angel of Revelation.
springtime. ☘💐/Contest
The small bird / Contest
Unicorn-PP ☘ Contest
PP -☘☘☘☘☘ PP
Woman in purple.
imagination in purple

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